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A nice slap in the face…

Dr. Mahathir Muhamed is planting this secret peace plan in the South. I personally thanks him for this over-14-months- attempt to figure out what went wrong with Malay Muslims (the majority of Muslim but not necessary Muslims in general) in Thailand. Coupling with the initiatives from the junta that have to defeat the violence personally, it is like a slap in the face even the plan sound reasonable. According to him in the Sydney Morning Herald

The plan calls for an end to injustice, and focuses on the need for economic development, better educational opportunities and greater Muslim representation – up to 50 per cent – in provincial government administration. It also calls for a blanket amnesty for insurgents, the optional use of Malay in schools, and a regional body with which people can register complaints. In return, the rebels will cease all violence and surrender all arms.

The tear off any veil of illusion Thais has. We need some other to clean our own shit. Election sucks? Call for a coup. The Southern problem could not be solve? We have the Mahathir initiative.

On proliferation problem, disarming so called insurgents would not be enough. Many Buddhist Thais villages are flooded with rilfles given by the government or “supra-governmental” body. Criminals alsways get easy access to weapons and the army depots are good place as guns summgling show. I am not supportive of unitary surrender of arms.

The use of “development” to hekp poor people should aslo be taken with care. The National Reconciliation COuncil led by Anand Phunyarachun pinppointed that one of the causes of grievance in the South is the injustice in development that only nominally intended to help local people but significantly ripped them of their land and resources.

Thais shoul learn that shit can be cleaned and they have to clean it themsleves.


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