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Second annoucement: Coup in Thailand

Key point in the secound annoucement of the coup

1. Due to the corrupted nature of the caretaker government, that cause fragmentation in the society,  and their inappropriate intervention of independent organizations for example, the organisation for order and democracy in Thailand was compelled to seize the power temporarily, commencing from the momnet (19 September 2006 at 23.00 pm) to restore the democracy with the King as the monarch. The organization intends to restore law and order in the country. The government has often violated the king, despite many attempts from many sectors to alleviate their action, thus it is important the the democratic reform party take the power from the government;

2. The democratic reform party does not intend to seize political power or to act as de facto government;

3. The democratic refrom party will return the power to the people as soon as possible

the annoucement was said to be from Sonthi Boonyaratkalin


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