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Coup: Fast growing norm?

I read this comment If only we could have a peaceful coup while Dubya is out of town… To me, this is not funny. I might belong to those with objection to coup as a norm when Thailand was called a democratic state. Even if it is not democratic before the coup, but at least social contracts were intact. This is what am worry, what would the generation of Thais think about politic. Whenever think is not right, ask for some power out of the administrative system to get rid of it. My idea is simple, you elect back persons, you suffer and learn from it and solve the problem on self reliance ways.

Life as usual in Bangkok. Went to a department store to get crochet thred. Now after a night watch, back at home and read more news. Military are still present in Bangkok and I have to go out again, this time I would pass two stops. They were not actually a stop or block, just two line of about 10 officer lining a side of main streets. They appear to be friendly though.


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